Senior Week 2009

After neglecting this for a while (due to an overload of schoolwork), I owe people some serious recipe documentation.
Now that the school year is wrapped up, I got to spend a nice few days with some of my graduating friends. It was lovely– good company, good weather, and of course good food. Although other people contributed goodies, I’m only documenting the recipes which I wrote and made.

On the first night, we had burgers, with roasted mushroom skewers for the vegetarians, and Mexican hot chocolate brownies for dessert . The following morning, Michael and I made cinnamon french toast. That night, we had yakisoba with eggrolls and cucumber salad. The last night, we had japanese curry, and a variety of cheesecakes for dessert.


Dinner 3/27/2009

Yes, I’m late posting this. During the week, I had a bunch of things due at crazy times, printer trouble, meetings, you name it. On top of that, I’ve had some health issues (luckily for Team Awesome and the Hillel folks, it’s not catching).

Partly because of that, and partly because I had a late Physics lab, I planned a super-easy comfort food meal: mac-and-cheese, with steamed green beans, salad, and raspberry glazed brownies for dessert.

As usual, Team Awesome was awesome. I, however, am the idiot who managed to give myself a rather deep burn on my left knuckle while removing said mac-and-cheese from the oven. The moral of that story is to wear oven mits when you try this at home.

Spring Break II

Since I’ve been on break, I going to post a previous successful meal plan, which I refer to as “breakfast for dinner”. The meal consisted of hash browns, scrambled eggs (with spinach and mushrooms), fruit salad, pancakes (with clove glaze instead of syrup), and jelly doughnut cupcakes.
The most difficult thing about doing this meal is that everything is prep-intensive, but quick to cook and is served hot. The best plan is prep heavily beforehand– slice mushrooms, shred potatoes, mix batter, etc. as the batter and other ingredients can even chill for an extended period of time. When I made this, I made the mistake of cooking as I went. This wasn’t a big problem– I was able to keep the hash browns and pancakes warm in the oven– but it’s a lot smoother to have everything ready and then have a cooking frenzy.

Spring Break (Weekend I)

I am done with lab (woohoo!) and going to enjoy my Spring Break. By that, I mean that I’m going to visit my parents and work on three different papers.
Since I am officially off dinner duty for 2 Fridays, I’m taking advantage of the lull to post previous week’s recipes. I’m posting the meal from the week before I started the blog. It was black bean stew, tomatillo salsa, fresh corn tortillas, and fresh fruit for dessert.

Dinner: March 6th 2009

Sorry about the recipes going up late. I was actually watching several of my talented friends performing in the play Almost, Maine instead of typing out recipes.

Dinner prep went very smoothly, mostly thanks to my marvelous assistants and a lack of dinner emergencies. We made Japanese-style curry over rice, salad with sesame dressing, and raspberry-lemon tarts for dessert.

Dinner: February 27th 2009

Dinner was a huge success tonight, it spite of it being a very “Thank Goodness It’s Friday” sort of day.

The main course was pasta with freshly made tomato sauce . I was a bit nervous at first that I had not bought enough tomatoes, but it turned out to be the perfect amount.

The side dishes were stuffed zucchini halves (which turned out well even though I over-baked them), garlic bread (prepared by Michael, one of my wonderful assistants), and salad (with a delicious vinigrette dressing created by Eunice).

For dessert, we had caramel cheesecake , which I had been initially worried about. Contrary to what I anticipated, the caramel chunks held their shape, and did not interfere with the baking process.

Hello world!

First entry goes up next Friday evening!